“Regret” — The Wildwood Journal, 2010
Drip” — From the Fallout Shelter, 2015
How to Wear a Clay Mask during a Breakup” — The Journal, 2015
Down There” — The Journal, 2016
Wednesday or Thursday” — Slice Magazine, 2016
A Stone Fox” — Litro Magazine, 2017
Homer and the Mosquito” — Banshee Lit, 2017

Get Off My (D)ivorce” and “Premarital Counseling Did Not Benefit My Marriage”  The Huffington Post, 2014
How to Make a Degenerate: A Mother’s Day Graduation” — The Huffington Post, 2015
Your Free Speech Does Not Eclipse Mine: The Problem of Harassment as an Accepted Form of Expression— The Huffington Post, 2016
The View From Here: Fighting Disillusionment as an American Expatriate” —Women
Are Boring, 2017

Another Justified Sinner, Sophie Hopesmith — Litro Magazine, September 2017
Manhattan Beach, Jennifer Egan — Litro Magazine, November 2017

“Autumn,” “Rust,” and “The Trail” — The Wildwood Journal, 2010
Rotisserie, Warmth, and Salt” — theBurg2014

Seeing” — From the Fallout Shelter, 2015

14 Things You Can’t Really Know About Marriage Until You’re Divorced” — The Huffington Post, 2015
Whatever You Do, Don’t Say ‘Divorce Is Not An Option‘” and “9 Honest Thoughts Women Have When Their Ex-Husbands Remarry” — The Huffington Post, 2016

“Autumn” — The Best of College Photography, 2011


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