Slice Magazine Issue 19: Distraction

Slice Magazine: 19

Happy to share a preview of Slice Magazine’s 19th issue!

Sometimes, as we Slice editors comb through the thousands of pages in our submissions pile, a theme keeps emerging, which always feels like a message from the collective voice of the writing world. This time, we encountered lots of submissions with footnotes, those distracting little fellows, like Cindy Withjack’s flash fiction story “Wednesday or Thursday,” where the footnotes revealing the protagonist’s interior life are longer than the piece: the distractions of a mind at work are greater in volume than the actions of a day. Many of the tales in this issue are about the distractions of the past; characters try to focus on stacking produce at the grocery store or shoveling elephant shit in order to bury the memories that keep surfacing. People are distracted by their histories, by love, by the events of the world, by fear. Our distractions— the epic ones that plague us and the small minutiae that entertain and irritate us—are the stuff of life.

The issue is fantastic. I am very happy and proud to have been included.

*I tore through Lauren Groff’s Fates and Furies a few weeks ago: highly (!!!) recommended.


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